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Hello everybody!

MNI wants to thank all the organizations for submitting project proposals

We received many wonderful projects and ideas that were very inspiring!

Projects training women to become leaders in their communities,

focusing on youth, educating Deaf children, sign language access

interpreting, and much more! We enjoyed reviewing many proposals!

We were very pleased that most of our proposals were submitted

by Deaf Organizations. They completed the proposals with their great ideas

with a full plan, budget and timeline. All done by Deaf people.

We are thrilled as MNI strongly believes that Deaf people and organizations

can lead in working toward their own development!

For the Deaf by the Deaf!

Again, we are very proud!

Now we would like to announce our new project partners for 2018-2019

How exciting!

We will be working in Chile with a Disability Persons Organization DPO

working with a new Deaf Organization in supporting Deaf Women

They are WENÜI (DPO) and Nellie Zabel Foundation (Deaf)

Fiji Association of the Deaf who will do work in Fiji and also

in Samoa with their new Deaf Association

Ghana National Association of the Deaf Youth Section focusing on training

the youth in Ghana how to advocate for policy change.

Also we will work with a local Deaf Association in Nepal

teaching Deaf Women about leadership

In Tanzania, we will work with the Deaf Association in providing training

on advocacy and policy change for the local Deaf Masai group living there.

We look forward to working with these amazing organizations as our

partners for the next year!

Again, thank you all – Deaf Organizations, DPOs, and other groups for

your proposals, contributions and working with MNI! Thank you!

If you have any questions or want to learn more about project planning, or

want to submit another project proposal next year

You can contact me at my email [email protected]

You can check our Facebook for updates

or our website at

Again, thank you so much! Bye-bye

Congratulations to our 2018 Project Partners! After two rounds of intensive screening we have chosen the following six projects to work with us for the 2018 to 2019 project year. Learn more about the organizations and their projects.

Ghana National Association of the Deaf, Youth Section

About GNAD-YS The Ghana National Association of the Deaf-Youth Section (GNAD-YS) is a wing of Ghana National Association of the Deaf (GNAD) and works for an active and productive Deaf community with access to education and information and steady economic activities that can sustain and maintain quality and a secure…

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