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[Description: A woman faces directly at the camera, signing. She is standing in front of a bookshelves full with books.]

Hello! Thank you for watching my video!
I’m Amy Wilson
I’m the Director of MNI
I work towards partner with deaf communities.
I’m hearing though
Long time ago, when I was young
I was playing and met a deaf person
That person taught me sign language
As I became older, I started traveling
Flying all around the world
I would meet deaf people wherever I went
I would learn that they did not work
I would learn others did not have the opportunity to study
I learned in different situations deaf people were not equal to hearing people
I would go home and start thinking about how I could help change this
Encourage equality
I went to Gallaudet University
I started teaching International Development to deaf and hearing people
Encouraging them to empower and support deaf people in other countries
teaching and training
Over the years I see things slowly changing, deaf gaining equal status
My work at Gallaudet University ended
I then started working at MNI
about two years ago
During my work, I’ve hired
Lisa, who is responsible for our website
and Sarah, who is responsible for our projects
Now the three of us work for MNI
providing funding for deaf communities to empower themselves
projects and training to attain success
Thank you!


Amy T. Wilson, PhD is Director of Mill Neck International, where she leads a team of Deaf specialists who share their expertise, knowledge, and technical skills with parents, educators, and professionals working with Deaf Communities around the world. During her years of living and working abroad, she noted the poor assistance people with disabilities were receiving from U.S. development organizations. At Gallaudet University, she created a M.A. degree program in International Development focused on the inclusion of Deaf people and those with disabilities in development assistance programs in nongovernmental, federal, and faith-based development organizations both in the United States and overseas. She led the program and trained students for 14 years and is now leading MNI in its development projects with Deaf communities. Amy has advised and evaluated programs and projects for development organizations and agencies (e.g., U.S. Agency for International Development, the InterAmerican Development Bank, United Nations agencies and the Peace Corps) about the inclusiveness of their programs, as well as their effectiveness in working with various disability communities.