Empowerment Workshop for Deaf Nepalese Women

In Nepal, the Nawalparasi Association of the Deaf (NAD) plans to lead workshops for Deaf women and equip them with skills to thrive, build resilience and adapt positively to the incredibly difficult challenges they face daily. Most Deaf women do not go to school to learn basic education or a skill in which they could earn an income. The patriarchal culture deprives them of psychological support or economic opportunities and leaves then vulnerable to arranged marriages and domestic violence. As a consequence, most of them are poor, oppressed and suffer mental illnesses including depression, which makes them even more vulnerable in Nepalese society.


This project will teach 35 Deaf women from throughout Nepal on how to stay connected and be supportive of one another, as well as teach skills on how to become a part of social, cultural, spiritual and economic change. The Deaf women will return home and share what they have learned with other women in their communities. Empowered women are the engines that change society for the better.

We are raising $1,200. We want this to be a community effort and ask
you support the women with donations from $5 to $25.

Even small amounts will help them rent space to meet, meals, rooming and transportation.