Is your organization striving to improve the lives of Deaf people in your community?

MNI Supports Projects Around the World

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Welcome to the Mill Neck Application website, available in English text and sign language!


MNI trains organizations how to plan, manage and evaluate a project from beginning to end, from the initial request for funding until the final evaluation of their programming. MNI trainers will walk with you through the process using project planning manuals.


The goal is for MNI to train partners to become independent, self-sufficient and models of good development practice for other organizations in their region. To help Deaf organizations and Deaf people become stronger, MNI will support the following project areas:


  • Child development
  • College/university training
  • Data collection within the Deaf Community
  • Deaf awareness
  • Deaf Education training
  • Employment
  • Health education
  • Interpreter training
  • Parent education
  • Research
  • Sign language education
  • Social enterprise
  • Technology training
  • Transition skills & daily living skills
  • Vocational training
  • Youth development


The Mill Neck Foundation awards grants to organizations striving to improve the lives of Deaf people worldwide.


Below, you will find a complete guideline and instructions on how to apply. It is best to begin at the beginning and it is probably best to read and watch each section in numbered order.


BUT, you don’t have to. You will see at the bottom of each webpage all of the sections listed. You can go from 2.1 to 2.2 to 2.3, for example. Or if you want, you can go from 2.1 directly to 2.3. You can open and close this website, return and begin anywhere you want. To download the application, please go to 3.0 and the manuals in 3.1 and 3.2. Good luck!

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Filling out an application form
Front Cover of Project Planning Manual
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