Mill Neck International Deaf Center Manager

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[Description: A woman faces directly at the camera, signing. She is standing with a chalkboard drawing background.]

Hello! Who am I?
I’m Lisa Fisher.
You heard of the website, MNIDC?
What does it mean?
[fingerspelling] Mill Neck International Deaf Center
What this website will have
is different information
resources, books, videos, exchange of ideas, and more
I’m responsible for the website
Why did I get involved?
I’ve worked in different technical projects
I’ve travelled all over and met different deaf people all around the world
I’ve met deaf people in different countries
One common theme I’ve learned is
Information is hard to find, specifically information for and about deaf people
Searching and searching
They might not know where to find
How to sign or express it in written language
Throughout my travels, I have seen the same comments over and over
The great thing is MNI wants to make sure deaf people are equal
Deaf people to be empowered
So I joined them to work towards this goal
So I can work together with deaf people to be empowered
get the information they need
Thank you!


Lisa Fisher is the Mill Neck International Deaf Center Manager at Mill Neck International. Her primary responsibilities include the developing, planning, and driving the distribution of knowledge and resources in a Resource Center that will be available to anyone around the world working with the Deaf Community. After graduating from RIT with a degree in Information Technology, Lisa earned her M.A. degree in International Development from Gallaudet University in 2009. Lisa has spent much of the last six years working with various Deaf associations and organizations abroad providing support as a technology specialist, as well as consulting in several countries about accessibility for the DeafBlind Community. She has worked as a trainer and researcher in countries such as Kenya, Congo, Nepal, Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. Most recently after Lisa moved back to the U.S., she worked at Gallaudet University as an eLearning specialist.