Why to sign with your children: 13 reasons HoH or CI kids need sign

Photo of a cut-out silhouette of a young child's head with the external component of a cochlear implant attached to the skull.

She thought a cochlear implant meant her son wouldn’t need to sign. But now she has 13 reasons why to sign with your children who are hard of hearing or have a cochlear implant. She tried to push her son to communicate only by speaking, listening, and lip reading. But even with a cochlear implant, it wasn’t enough. Along the way, she learned that not every person with a cochlear implant succeeds with it. Meanwhile, sign language gives children early access to language and communication. Read one experienced Mom’s reasons why to sign with your children.

Author Elizabeth Engelman published this essay at her blog, “On Deafness” in 2016. Her blog is partly accessible for people using screen reading software. But it has some accessibility barriers. For example, some forms and links have labels, but others do not.

Also explore other resources about sign language in child development and deaf education. Or, explore resources on raising children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

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