Guidelines for MNI Stories

Why Share My Story?

Stories can be a great way for people around the world to exchange knowledge and ideas! Stories help us think about how to improve the lives of deaf people in developing countries.

Who Should Submit Stories?

We want stories from anyone who has experience promoting better lives for deaf people in a developing country!

Do you represent an organization led by deaf people in a developing country? Are you an educator for deaf students? Have you worked with deaf people in a developing country? We want your stories!

What Kind of Stories Does MNI Want?

Here are a few examples:

  • Has your organization implemented a successful project for deaf people in your country? How can other organizations do the same?
  • Have you made mistakes in working with deaf communities? What did you learn? How can others do better?
  • Read or watch other stories from around the world!
  • We also want YOUR ideas! Not sure if we will want your story? Please ask!

What Language Do you Want?

We welcome either written stories or signed stories. Written stories can be in English, Spanish, French, or other languages. Signed stories can be in ASL, BSL, International sign, or other sign languages.

How Long Should My Story Be?

  • For sign language videos, between 1 and 5 minutes is fine.
  • For written stories, between 300 and 800 words is fine.
  • But we are flexible!

How Do I Submit My Story?