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Accessible Live Shows and Movies: GalaPro Phone App

Deaf people and blind people in Israel can use a phone app, GalaPro, to enjoy accessible live shows and movies with captions & amplification.
Photo of a pair of hands holding a phone that says "West Side Story". The phone is being held up in front of a large stage in a live performance theater.

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Deaf people and blind people in Israel can use a phone app, GalaPro, to enjoy accessible live shows and movies. For deaf people, the GalaPro app can provide subtitles, captions, or amplification. As a result, they can understand what actors are saying on the stage or the screen. Furthermore, the app uses voice recognition technology to synchronize captions with spoken dialogue. For blind people, the GalaPro app can provide audio description. In other words, the app will describe the visuals in the movie or live performance. In addition to Israel, theaters use the app for accessible live shows and movies in the United States. Theaters will also use it in Canada and other European cities.

This web page is accessible for people using screen reading software, with minimal difficulty. Furthermore, the same text is available in accessible Word file format.

For another example of a phone app for accessibility, see Zero Project: Mobile App Providing Captioning and Audio Description in Cinemas.

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