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Create and Fund Deaf Organizations

How do you create and fund Deaf organizations? Two tool kits for disability rights advocates, including Deaf people, can help you learn how.
The logo for Disability Awareness in Action shows the acronym daa in lower case letters inside a circle. below it are the words "The International Disability and Human Rights Network"

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Disability Awareness in Action: Resource Kit 4 and 5: Organisation Building; Fund-Raising

How do you create and fund a stronger Deaf organization? Two tool kits can help you learn how. Both tool kits are for people with disabilities, including Deaf people. 

  • Organisation Building” explains why and how to create an organization. This includes deciding what the organization will do and its policies. In addition, it explains how to develop an action plan, how to train leaders, how to hold a meeting, and more. This tool kit also provides basic information about raising funds.
  • Fund-Raising” provides more detail about raising funds for your organization. It explains different ways to raise money. It also explains how to spend money wisely, so that other people will trust your organization with their money. This tool kit will guide you in how to write a good funding application. 

People can download each guide in either PDF, RTF, or Word format. The PDF files are partly accessible for people using screen reading software with some difficulty with navigation. We were unable to assess whether the Word or RTF files are accessible.

DAA published these two resource kits as part of a series of seven resource kits for disability rights advocacy organizations. Their other resource kits cover topics such as changing society and changing laws, working with the media, and women with disabilities.

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