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CRPD Shadow Reports: Improving Deaf Rights Implementation

This guidance document explains how disability rights organizations, and Deaf organizations, can collaborate to write CRPD shadow reports.
Logo for the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) shows each letter of the acronym in its own square to the left of the full name of the treaty.

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Guidance on CRPD Shadow Reports

The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) helps Deaf rights. But first, Deaf organizations need to understand how to use the CRPD. And that includes learning how to help write the CRPD “shadow report” for their country. A “shadow report” is also sometimes called a “parallel report” or “alternative report.” This guidance document explains how governments write official CRPD reports. And this document also explains how disability organizations write shadow reports. 
Meanwhile, this document explains how to watch CRPD implementation in your country. It also explains why disability organizations should work together on CRPD shadow reports. For example, Deaf organizations should work with other disability rights organizations. This document is useful for global, regional, and national disabled people’s organizations. That includes deaf organizations too.

Before Reading this Guidance Document

The guidance document is most helpful for people who know basic CRPD information. People who are unfamiliar with the CRPD will want to begin with basic training. For example, the United Nations has a CRPD training manual. And the United Nations also has a CRPD Advocacy Toolkit. After people understand the CRPD, they can learn the CRPD shadow reporting process.
Deaf rights organizations will want to supplement this guide with Deaf rights information. For example, the World Federation of the Deaf has a Human Rights Toolkit. Or, the CRPD at a Glance for Deaf People is also a good introduction.
This PDF file is accessible for most people using screen reading software. But it does not use bookmarks for easy navigation. 
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