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Deaf Australians in Different Jobs

Watch these two videos to see many deaf Australians in different jobs. For example, they include a dental nurse, a teacher, a chef and more.
A screenshot of a video that shows a woman in a classroom signing to her students (off camera). Behind her is a projector screen with information about fractions.

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Deaf People DO Have Interesting Jobs -- Part 1, Part 2

Watch these two videos to see many deaf Australians in different jobs. For example, the first video includes a dental nurse, a truck driver, a project coordinator, a builder, and more. Meanwhile, the second video includes a fashion designer, a yoga instructor, a zoologist/ecologist, a chef, and more.

Both videos have English captions. Meanwhile, the deaf people all use Australian Sign Language (Auslan).

Also find more resources on deaf role models in different countries.

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