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Deaf children and language deprivation: Common everywhere

Many deaf children experience language deprivation. Article summarizes the situation around the world, but with an emphasis on the U.S.
Photo shows a young girl with a hearing aid who is signing.

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Many experts agree: learning sign language in infancy helps deaf children learn well. But only a lucky few deaf children around the world have that opportunity. Many deaf children aren’t in school at all. Meanwhile, when they do attend school, many teachers don’t use sign language with them. In other words, deaf children and language deprivation are common companions. This article summarizes the situation around the world, but with an emphasis on the United States

Author Carly Stern published this news article in 2018. It us published in the website for the media company OZY. The article is accessible for people using screen reading software. But they may have minor difficulty. For example, some forms do not have labels. 

Learn more about deaf children and language deprivation, and what’s being done to help. For example, explore our other resources on sign language in child development and education.

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