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Deaf Communities in Southern Asia

Provides an overview of Deaf communities in Southern Asia. Focuses on India and Nepal. Summarizes experiences in urban and rural areas.
Photo shows the three volumes of the publication "The SAGE Deaf Studies Encyclopedia" together.

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Provides an overview of Deaf communities in Southern Asia. Focuses on India and Nepal. Summarizes the experiences of Deaf people  in urban areas compared to rural areas. Also summarizes some of the partnerships between South Asia Deaf communities and organizations in other countries.

This encyclopedia entry, “Asia, Southern: Deaf Community”, appears in The SAGE Deaf Studies Encyclopedia. It can be read online for free. The online version will be difficult to access for people using screen reading software. Most images on the page do not use alternative tags to describe them for people who cannot see. Web links are often not labeled to say where they go for people using screen reading software.

In addition to the link above, which goes directly to the entry “Asia, Southern: Deaf Community””, people also can preview an online version of the entire publication The SAGE Deaf Studies Encyclopedia. The encyclopedia published in 2016. The encyclopedia editors are Genie Gertz and Patrick Boudreault. The authors of the entry “Asia, Southern: Deaf community” are Michele Friedner, E. Mara Green and Annelies Kusters.

Libraries also can purchase a print version of the entire publication, The SAGE Deaf Studies Encyclopedia, from various booksellers.

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