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Deaf couple own pottery business in Senegal

A deaf couple in Senegal own a pottery business in which they create and sell pottery from their home. They were childhood sweethearts.
Screenshot of a video on the BBC News Africa Facebook page that shares a story about a deaf couple that owns a pottery business in Senegal

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We Love Pottery as We Love Life

A deaf couple in Senegal own a pottery business. In other words, they create and sell pottery. The husband and wife team first met in primary school.They have been sweethearts ever since. They also learned to create pottery together. Meanwhile, they hope their story will encourage other deaf people to employ themselves.

BBC News Africa posted this video to their Facebook page in 2019. Most of the video is in spoken English and also has captions in English. The deaf husband and wife interview in Senegal Sign Language. They share their experience as a deaf couple in Senegal owning a pottery business.

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