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Deaf History International association: Study, preservation, dissemination

The Deaf History International association connects people interested in Deaf history globally. Studies, preserves, disseminates Deaf history.
The logo for the Deaf History International association shows a line drawing of five hands touching each other so that they form a pentagon with a star in the middle. The name of the association is to the right of the drawing.

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The Deaf History International association connects people interested in Deaf history worldwide. In other words, members want to study, preserve, and disseminate Deaf history. Meanwhile, the association offers membership to individual people and organizations. The DHI association also organizes an international conference every three years. Members who pay the membership fee can read all DHI newsletters online. But non-members who don’t pay the fee can only access newsletters older than three years. The Deaf History International association website also links to associations, archives, and conferences. 

The website is accessible for people using screen reading software, but with limits. For example, some forms and buttons do not have labels. Most of the website is available in written English. Some content is also available in International Sign.

Also learn about the Museum of Deaf History, Arts & Culture in the U.S. 

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