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Deaf People in Developing Countries

Deaf people in developing countries experience more challenges than in high-income countries. Author Barbara Earth summarizes the literature.
Image shows a map of the world in many bright colors. A faint image of a woman can almost be seen behind the map.

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The Deaf World in Developing Countries

Deaf people experience discrimination in every country. However, Deaf people experience more challenges in developing countries than in high-income countries. In response, author Barbara Earth reviewed what the literature says. Therefore, she explains what she has learned.

Barbara Earth’s original paper is in English in PDF format. Meanwhile, Elsie Ritchie translated Barbara Earth’s paper into American Sign Language (ASL). The ASL video also is shared here with English captions. However, it originally posted at the Journal of American Sign Languages and Literatures website in 2013.

Also explore other resources about deaf people in developing countries.

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