Screenshot of a video of a conference. Three people are on stage, with two projector screens behind them. Two are signing in different signed languages.

In June 2017, scholars gathered for a conference, “Deaf Scholars and Innovations in Deaf Studies”. Furthermore, they videotaped every session of the three-day conference. In consequence, you can watch all the conference videos at the link. The three official languages of the conference were Irish Sign Language, British Sign Language, and English.

Additionally, the conference celebrated the launch of a book Innovations in Deaf Studies: The Role of Deaf Scholars” (edited by Annelies Kusters, Maartje De Meulder and Dai O’Brien). They also celebrated the start of the MobileDeaf project.

The conference had a series of presentations during three days. However, the conference videos do not have captions and no transcript is available. Instead they have spoken English, and there are usually two different sign languages shown. The speakers use the sign languages of their countries. Meanwhile, a sign interpreter translates into a different sign language. 

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