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What Deaf Students Want In A Teacher

How do Deaf students want teachers to communicate with them? And how do they want teachers to teach them? In response, Deaf students in the United States explain their answers. Watch them in this five-minute video. 

The Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind produced this video in 2015. The video accompanies the textbook An Introduction to Special Education (11th ed.). The textbook authors are William L. Heward, Sheila Alber-Morgan, and Moira Konrad. Meanwhile, the textbook published in 2017. The textbook is not free. But you can watch the video here for free. Learn what deaf students want from teachers.

The children and teenagers sign in American Sign Language (ASL). Meanwhile, the video has captions in English.

Also watch very young Deaf children signing with each other. Or explore other resources on teaching deaf students.

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