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Deaf Women in U.S. History

Author Lydia Callis explains why people should celebrate Deaf women in U.S. history. She provides examples of how Deaf women impact history.
A black and white photo shows three women dressed in Girl Scout uniforms used early in its history.

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Deaf women in U.S. history sometimes hide in plain sight. For example, the American Girl Scouts touches the lives of many American girls. However, many people don’t realize that its founder was deaf. Author Lydia Callis explains further why people should celebrate Deaf women in history. Meanwhile, she provides many more examples of deaf women in U.S. history for us to celebrate. She also includes some Deaf women from the U.K.

This article published in 2015. The web page is partly accessible to people using screen reading software with some difficulty. For example, some images and links have tags to say what they are while others do not.

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