Screenshot of a video that shows woman presenting in sign language on deaf women's rights and health.

Deaf women experience challenges with human rights and health. For example, they experience stigma, marginalization, and sexual assault. They also experience domestic violence across all countries. These experiences are similar regardless of access to legal rights or health care. But research about Deaf women’s rights and health is very thin. The author summarizes all the available literature on the topic. She also includes some research on women with disabilities. 
The full paper in written English is not available online for free. But you can watch the 30-minute video of the author explaining her research. Or you also can read the author’s PowerPoint slides in PDF format. Author Deirdre Schlehofer presented at the 7th International Deaf Academics and Researchers Conference. Meanwhile, this conference was in 2015 in Belgium.
The video is in International Sign with no captions, transcript, or translation. The PDF file is in English. This file is accessible for people using screen reading software, but with limits. For example, it does not use bookmarks.
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