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Deafness and Education International Journal

Deafness & Education International is a peer-reviewed journal for educators involved with the education of young deaf students.
Image shows the cover of an issue of a journal called "Deafness & Education International". Cover of Deafness and Education International:. The background is in black with swirls of white red yellow and blue lights sweeping across the page in abstract curvy patterns.

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Deafness & Education International is a peer-reviewed journal published quarterly, which provides a forum for teachers and other professionals involved with the education and development of deaf infants, children and young people. It welcomes relevant contributions from this area of expertise. Submissions may fall within the areas of linguistics, education, personal-social and cognitive developments of deaf children, spoken language, sign language, deaf culture and traditions, audiological issues, cochlear implants, educational technology and educational l issues involving deaf children and young people.

The types of submissions considered include research papers, work in progress reports, reviews, survey articles, conference reports and response to previously published articles.

This journal publishes a new issue four times a year. The abstract for each journal article can be viewed for free online. However, people and institutions need to pay subscription fees to read complete journal articles or journal issues. The cost of subscription varies depending on whether you subscribe as an individual person versus subscribing on behalf of an institute. Cost also varies depending on whether you subscribe only to the online version of this journal or if you also subscribe to the print (hard copy) journal. To learn more about subscription costs, please visit the Deafness and Education International journal and click on “Subscriptions”.

People using screen reading software may experience some difficulty in navigating the online journal.

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