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Information on Deafness for Parents

Provides information on deafness for parents, including how to raise Deaf children who are young, or school aged, or almost adults.
Cover of manual entitled "Early support for children, young people, and families: Information about deafness and hearing loss". Below the title are six purple squares stacked on top of each other. Each square shows an abstract drawing. The top square shows an ear, the next two show a child on a bike and two hands reaching to each other, the bottom three squares show a parent with a child, and two abstract line drawings.

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This publication provides information on deafness for parents and families. The first few pages talk about how parents might feel about their child’s deafness and how to explain it to friends and relatives. The next section explains how the ear works and different types and levels of hearing loss. The publication then explains things to know when raising very young children, school age children, and children who are becoming adults. The last section lists resources, websites, and organizations for parents in the United Kingdom (UK). Some resources, but not all, might also be helpful for parents in other countries.

This PDF file is mostly accessible for people using screen reading software, but with some difficulty with navigation.

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