Cover for the DeafNET Africa Conference 2016 Conference Report

Knowledge can empower people and transform their lives. When teachers are armed with knowledge, they are better able to help deaf students learn well. Meanwhile, knowledge about human rights and civil rights for Deaf people can improve a society. In 2016, people working with Deaf communities across Africa met at the DeafNet Africa Conference. The participants strengthened networks and also disseminated knowledge. This report summarizes the exchange of knowledge at the 2016 conference.

The 2016 conference covered topics such as early childhood development, sign language and education, adult education and training, human rights, health and wellbeing, and Deaf education and community integration. Meanwhile, the report shares what participants learned about these topics. In addition, the report provides the participants’ resolutions for improving the situation of Deaf people in each topic area.

The organization DeafNET led the conference. Meanwhile, this PDF file is partly accessible for people using screen reading software. However, images from the DeafNet Africa Conference do not have descriptions for people who can’t see them.

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