Logo for DeafNET. To the right of the organization name is a drawing of the African continent with green criss crossing lines. Below the organization name is the motto, "Centre of Knowledge".

DeafNET’s mission is to exchange and disseminate knowledge and skills to empower deaf people in Africa, especially in South Africa. They also facilitate and promote education, development, training, social services, and spiritual and mental well being for deaf people. Furthermore, they promote sign language and appropriate assistive devices.

One example of DeafNET’s projects include a leadership and management training program for Deaf leaders in national associations of the Deaf in different African countries. They also offer a scholarship project for young Deaf girls in Africa. Furthermore, they train teachers and educators from across Africa in how to use sign language to teach reading skills to Deaf students.

People using screen reading software will have difficulty navigating DeafNET’s website. For example, their web links are not labeled, and images do not provide useful descriptions for people who can’t see them.

Explore our website to find more organizations of and for deaf people around the world.

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