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Developing an Advocacy Plan: The CBM Advocacy Toolkit

The CBM Advocacy Toolkit can guide users in developing an advocacy plan. This can help your organization plan how to advocate for change.
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You want to change many things in your country. You believe Deaf people need better access to education, healthcare, and employment opportunities. Or you believe Deaf people need better laws about their sign language rights. In other words, you want your country to support the human rights of Deaf people. But how do you advocate for change? How can your organization create a plan for its advocacy work? The CBM Advocacy Toolkit can guide users in developing an advocacy plan. For example, this toolkit explains how to develop a clear message about what you want to change. The toolkit also explains how to work with decision makers and the media so they will listen. And it can guide you in working together with other organizations.

The CBM Advocacy Toolkit is for staff at the Christian Blind Mission (CBM). This organization improves the lives of people with disabilities in the poorest countries.  Sometimes this means advocating for change. But most of their toolkit can help any organization developing an advocacy plan.

CBM published this toolkit in 2017. We could not assess if this Word file is accessible for people using screen reading software.

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