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The Disability Data Portal

The Disability Data Portal shares data and statistics related to people with disabilities. These measure 16 indicators in 40 countries.
Cover of a report entitled "Disability Data Review: A collation and analysis of disability data from 40 countries". The color image on the cover shows an adolescent boy looking toward the sky while holding a large orange ball in his hands. More children are playing behind him in an open green field. Trees are visible further in the background.

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The Disability Data Portal shares data and statistics related to people with disabilities. As of 2018, it has data measuring 16 indicators in 40 countries. They plan to expand the portal and may be able to offer more data for more countries in the future. Users can download a report in PDF format that summarizes all results for the 16 indicators in 40 countries. Or, users can explore the available data either by thematic topic or by country.

This data does not focus on deaf or hard of hearing people. However, you may be able to use data about people with disabilities in general in cases where it is not possible to find data focused on deaf people.

The website is mostly accessible for people using screen reading software, but might have a few accessibility issues.

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