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Finding deaf people abroad: 5 tips for international travelersFl

If you want to make new deaf friends in every country you visit, watch this video: Deafintely Wanderlust explains finding deaf people abroad
Screenshot from video "5 Ways to find Deaf people while traveling" with tips for finding deaf people abroad

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5 ways to find Deaf people while traveling

Planning to travel abroad? Want to meet new deaf friends in every country you visit? In response, experienced international traveler Stacey Valle explains the “how” for finding deaf people abroad. 

In this video, Stacey Valle uses International Sign. The video also has captions in English.

Stacey Valle produced this video via her Deafinitely Wanderlust YouTube channel. Her YouTube channel has many more videos from her travels abroad, and from other deaf travelers.

Finding deaf people abroad may be easier than you think. You can also learn how to find deaf organizations or find deafblind organizations abroad.

Are you traveling so you can work with deaf communities abroad? Watch our web cast by experienced volunteer Kirk Van Gilder. Or watch our web cast by another experienced volunteer Norma Moran.

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