The corner of a large two-floor building shows lettering on two sides that both say "Deaf Community Center". A few cars are parked in front. No people are in sight.

Websites that can help you find organizations of, and for, DeafBlind people

Why Find DeafBlind Organizations?

Finding DeafBlind organizations is important task for anyone who wants to be inclusive of all Deaf people, not only sighted people.

When DeafBlind people have access to education, communication, and human rights, they lead more fulfilled, enriched lives. But in many countries, they are excluded everywhere. Even some organizations of Deaf people may be unsure how to include them.

Organizations of and for DeafBlind people can provide guidance in being more DeafBlind inclusive. And they might be a good partner organization for relevant projects. But where to find them? The following web pages offer links to DeafBlind organizations around the world. These websites vary in accessibility for people using screen reading software. But some of them strive to be accessible for users who are blind or deafblind.

Finding DeafBlind Organizations

Looking for Deaf organizations in general? Visit our page on Finding Deaf Organizations.


Photo credit: Sean Hoyer on Visual-hunt: CC BY NC ND

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