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Four Deaf Entertainers: Documentary, “See What I’m Saying”

Learn about a documentary on four deaf entertainers in the United States and their attempts to break into mainstream entertainment.

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See What I’m Saying: The Deaf Entertainers Documentary

The full-length, 90-minute documentary, See What I’m Saying, highlights four deaf entertainers. All four are well known among U.S. deaf audiences, but also are trying to become mainstream entertainers. The website at the link provides further information about the documentary. Also visit the store at the film’s website  to learn how to buy the full-length documentary on DVD. Their online store also sells educational materials about the deaf community and American Sign Language. Additionally, visit the link to communicate with the film producer and director, Hilari Scarl, to ask about screening the film at your school or other location. Learn more about the four deaf entertainers featured in the documentary.

Many of the people interviewed in the documentary use American Sign Language. The film also has open captions in English. Blind people can communicate with the producer Hilary Scarl to ask how to purchase the film with audio description. The website is accessible for people using screen reading software with minor difficulties.

Learn about other deaf role models around the world you can share with deaf children, parents, and others. Or, explore our resources on deaf culture.

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