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Frontrunners trains young deaf leaders

Frontrunners trains young deaf leaders from different countries. Based in Denmark, it is a one-year training program.
The logo for Frontrunners is a three-dimensional image of the letters F and R intertwined with each other.

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Frontrunners is a one-year training program for deaf people from different countries. Meanwhile, the program is based in Denmark. Its goal is to promote human rights for signing Deaf people around the world. As a result, the program teaches the following topics at Frontrunners: Deaf studies, sign linguistics, deaf sports, organizations and leadership, and media. Frontrunners trains young deaf leaders.

Also read a book chapter based on the author’s interview with three deaf teachers at Frontrunners.

The Frontrunners website is partly accessible for people using screen reading software, but with some difficulty. For example, some headings are empty. Also, the alternative tags provide long descriptions for images.

Click here to show & hide the transcript with descriptions


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