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Guide for Disability Inclusion in Education

How policy makers can make the school system in their country more inclusive of students with disabilities.
Image show the cover of "A guide for ensuring inclusion and equity in education". Below the title is a photograph of four small hands, each holding a different color chalk, drawing abstract wheel-like shapes.

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A Guide for ensuring inclusion and equity in education guides government policy makers in making school systems more disability inclusive. This includes improving education laws in their country. Policy makers are meant to work with teachers, parents, and others in this process.

Please note that this publication does not address the unique linguistic and cultural needs of Deaf students. Policies not addressing the specific needs of Deaf students may fail to provide them with an adequate communication environment in school. Policy makers and others will need to supplement this guide with other materials on the needs of Deaf students, including their right to use sign language.

Although the text of this PDF document is accessible for people using screen reading software, the images are not described.

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