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Hotels and Deaf Guests

How can hotels be more friendly to Deaf guests? A training session helped professionals learn, a national conference helped them practice.
Photo of two women signing to each other at the front desk in a hotel.

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Hotels and other services for travelers want to create a home away from home. In other words, a place where people feel welcome and included. But many hotels aren’t prepared for Deaf guests. Therefore, they don’t know how to communicate or serve them. However, hospitality professionals who attended a training session were able to learn. Additionally, one major U.S. conference for Deaf people helped many of them practice what they learned. Additionally, professionals attended a training session on Deaf inclusion for businesses. Local hotels learned to serve Deaf guests during the conference–and in the future as well.

The web page is partly accessible for people using screen reading software, but with some difficulty. For example, some images use alternative tags to describe them, but others do not.

Also explore other resources on accessibility for deaf people.

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