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Humanity & Inclusion (HI): Supporting people with disabilities

Humanity & Inclusion (HI) works with people with disabilities in about 60 countries. The organization also sometimes works with Deaf people.
Logo for the organization humanity & inclusion. To the left of the organization name is a line drawing of a hand that uses the letters of the acronym, Hi, to represent the middle three fingers of a hand. Another line curves below to show the shape of a hand's palm, then comes up to represent the thumb and smallest finger on a hand.

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Humanity & Inclusion (HI) works with people with disabilities in about 60 countries. They support people with disabilities in becoming more self-reliant. HI also intervenes in humanitarian emergency situations. For example, they provide rehabilitation and other services after natural disasters and war. The organization also sometimes works with Deaf people. For example, HI helped teachers and students at a school in Togo learn sign language. As a result, they communicate better with a deaf student in their school.

The Humanity & Inclusion website is partly accessible for people using screen reading software. For example, some images use alt tags to describe them. But the site has some accessibility limits. For example, web links do not have labels to say where they go.

Also explore other organizations working with Deaf people around the world. Or also explore resources on emergency planning and humanitarian response.

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