Cover of the publication entitled "Icebreaker for International Workgroups". The photo above the title on the cover shows a large group of people standing next to, or seated at, a long conference table.

Icebreaker for International Workgroups

You are leading a new group of people! But, they don’t know each other well. How do you help them get to know each other? The guide, Icebreaker for International Workshops, can give you ideas for “icebreaker” activities. These are activities that will help a new group learn about each other and work well together. The authors wrote this guide for teams that will implement a project together. You also can use these ideas for icebreaker activities at the start of a training workshop.

This guide is for teams of people who hear and speak. Leaders or trainers will need to creatively adapt activity ideas for groups of people who communicate in sign language.

Two websites let you download the guide for free in PDF format. If you have difficulty downloading the file from one website, you can try the other. Both websites will ask you to prove you are a human (check the box) before it will let you download the file.

This document is partly accessible for people using screen reading software, but with difficulty. Images do not use alternative tags to describe them for people who cannot see them. Links are not labeled to tell people using screen reading software where they go.

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