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Improving Literacy through Software and Sign Language

Deaf schools in Russia and the United States collaborate in a project improving literacy through software and sign language.
Image shows screen shots of the cover and the first two pages of the digital storybook "The Giant Turnip" in both Russian and English. The first two pages of the story book show videos that translate the English or Russian text into American Sign Language or Russian Sign Language.

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This article describes a project for improving literacy through software and sign language. A Deaf school in Russia collaborated with a Deaf school in the United States to develop a software application that tells the story The Giant Turnip. In the United States, Deaf children can first watch a video of the story in American Sign Language then read the same story in English. If the child does not know a word, they can touch the word to see a video showing the ASL sign for that word along with finger spelling. The same story is also available in Russian and Russian Sign language. Teachers and parents can download the story through the iTunes application for free.

The text of this article is mostly accessible for people using screen reading software. However, the buttons on the page do not come with text that is readable for screen reading software.

This project is similar to a project in Morocco that helps teachers and parents create their own educational materials.

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