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Kiribati Sign Language Awareness Week

Watch as the Deaf community of the remote Republic of Kiribati celebrate Kiribati Sign Language Awareness Week in 2016.
Screenshot from a video about Kiribati Sign Language Awareness week. An older man is signing with a young boy. English captions are on the bottom of the screen. Also, a box in the lower right corner shows an interpreter using Kiribati Sign language.

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Kiribati Sign Language Awareness Week

Watch the Republic of Kiribati Deaf community celebrate Kiribati Sign Language Awareness Week. Both the School and Centre for Children with Special Needs and also the Kiribati Deaf Association led this event. They made the video in 2016. The organizations are raising awareness of Kiribati Sign Language.

Meanwhile, Kiribati is in the central Pacific Ocean. The two closest islands are Hawaii and Fiji. However, both are thousands of kilometers away. 

The video has captions in English. An interpreter also translates to Kiribati Sign Language. 

Also explore other resources about different sign languages around the world.

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