The cover for the book entitled "It's A Small World: International Deaf Spaces and Encounters". The cover is yellow. A drawing below the title shows the globe with tall buildings sprouting from it. Three planes are crossing each other's paths as they fly around the world.

Implementing good laws can protect Deaf rights. But first the government must pass good laws. Then the government needs to implement them. This is a common challenge that Deaf communities share in many countries, including in Chile. Another common challenge is that many Deaf communities do not know enough about laws to advocate for better legal protections  A Deaf American lawyer, Michael Steven Stein, describes his attempts to improve access to legal knowledge for Deaf Chileans.

Michael Steven Stein’s book chapter, “Implementing the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: Supporting the Deaf Community of Chile Through Legal Expertise”, is in the book It’s A Small World: International Deaf Spaces and Encounters, edited by Michele Friedner and Annelies Kuster. The book published in 2015.

Readers can download the book for free at the link in ePub format. Or, readers can purchase a hard copy of the book via booksellers such as Abe BooksAmazon, or elsewhere. You also can ask your best library if they have a copy of the book.

We were unable to assess whether the ePub file is accessible for people using screen reading software. For people who have print disabilities (for example, blind people), you can try looking for this book in an accessible format via an online service like Bookshare. Or, if you use a library service for people with print disabilities that participates in the ABC Global Book Service, you may wish to inquire whether this book is available.

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