Cover of the report "Deaf Children in Burundi--their education and communication needs". Below the title is a photo of a young child looking at the camera.

Education feeds the brain, while communication feeds the spirit: every child needs both. But many Deaf children in Burundi don’t have either. Disability and Development Partners (DDP) completed participative research about the education and communication needs of young Deaf people in Burundi. During the study, they listened to associations, schools, and government representatives. Most importantly, they also listened to Deaf children themselves, as well as their parents. DDP learned that many Deaf children had poor access to education and communication. In response, they recommend that the government should include the needs of Deaf children in education and social policy.

This report published in 2011. Meanwhile, the PDF file is accessible for some people using screen reading software. However, the file is not labeled to say its natural language.

Also explore other resources related to deaf children around the world. People committed to listening to Deaf children will also want to learn how children can help monitor and evaluate projects.

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