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Logic model for deaf projects: How-to guide

Some funding agencies want to see a “logic model” for your deaf-focused project. This guide explains what a logic model is and how to develop it.
Example of a "results chain" logic model. Shows a series of circles and rectangles across the top of the image. The first shape is marked "Strategic approach". The next three shapes are marked "Preliminary result". The next shape after these is marked "sub-purpose". Then the final shape is marked "Project purpose". For each shape, a more detailed explanation is provided below it.

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Different funding agencies want different things. But some funding agencies want to see a “logic model” for your deaf-focused project. In response, this guide explains: What is a logic model? How do you develop a good logic model for your funding application? Meanwhile, how does your logic model relate to your theory of change? Thus, this guide might help develop a better logic model your deaf projects.

This PDF file is accessible for most people using screen reading software. For example, images use descriptions for people who can’t see them. 

Also learn how to write the “sustainability” part of your funding application.

Click here to show & hide the transcript with descriptions


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