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Manual on Sign Language Work

This manual on sign language work explains strategies for doing successful sign language work and some of the issues to think about.
Image shows a screen shot of the "welcome" page for the manual entitled "Working Together: Manual for Sign Language Work within Development Cooperation". It shows a video with a welcome message in international sign language and written English.

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Many Deaf communities want to research and document their sign language. They want to train sign language interpreters and advocate for sign language rights. Sign language work is an important goal in many countries. This manual on sign language work explains some of the issues that leaders and volunteers should think about in doing this work. It explains strategies for doing successful sign language work. The manual is provided in both international sign language (via video) and in written English. 

This website is not  accessible for people using screen reading software. For example, it does not provide alternative text to describe images for people who cannot see them. This includes images that are used as links.

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