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Money for deaf rights, disability rights: Budget for inclusion

Money is important for deaf rights and disability rights. Advocates argue that governments should do better in budgeting for inclusion.
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Money isn’t everything. But experts say, money is still important for deaf rights and disability rights. Advocates usually talk about how laws can be better. And advocates also talk about how governments can do better in implementing the laws we have. But neither of these will be enough to advance human rights without money. In other words, governments need to budget for disability inclusion. The authors explain how governments can ensure money supports deaf and disability rights. Meanwhile, the authors ask allies to support money for deaf and disability rights.
Authors Polly Meeks and Alexandre Cote published this opinion piece at DevEx in 2018. The web page is partly accessible for people using screen reading software. But it has some accessibility barriers. For example, many links do not use text to say where they go.
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