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Monitoring deaf and disability rights: Watching human rights

This manual guides organizations in monitoring deaf and disability rights in their country. This is a way to document and track problems.
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Deaf people and disabled people experience human rights violations in every country. But exactly which human rights violations do they experience? And when and where do they experience these violations? The answers to these questions help governments and organizations watch changes over time. Another word for “watching” is “monitoring”. For example, organizations can track growing problems with human rights. Or they also can track progress in human rights. This training manual guides organizations in monitoring deaf and disability rights.

Monitoring human rights means to collect information on whether people enjoy human rights. This manual explains the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). It also explains watching deaf and disability rights under other human rights treaties. Meanwhile, the manual has training modules on interviewing individuals about their experiences. It also has a module on monitoring laws, policies, and programs. Another module explains using the media to watch attitudes toward disabled people. After monitoring deaf and disability rights, the manual also explains how to write a monitoring report. Then it explains how to use the report to advocate for change.

Disability Rights Promotion International (DRPI) published this training manual in 2014. We could not assess if this Word file is accessible for people using screen reading software. But we did find that a computer cannot index its heads or subheads. This can make it harder for some people to navigate within the document.

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