Cover of a publication entitled "Valuing Public Services". A drawing shows the outline of a tree. Silhouette figures of people are variously standing, walking, or seated on the ground at varying distances from the tree.

A project in the United Kingdom helped Deaf and disabled people’s organizations show donors they are valuable. Donors want to know that organizations will use their money well. They want to know that their donations will have an impact on people’s lives. This means organizations need to show donors that their work and services are effective in helping people.

A consulting company in the UK, then called OPM Group, but now called Traverse, has helped advise public service organizations. One article at the link, entitled “The added value of organisations”, describes how they helped Deaf and disabled people’s public service agencies learn to gather and use data. The Deaf and disabled organizations used their data to show donors that they provided valuable services.

The PDF file is partly accessible for people using screen reading software, but with difficulty with navigation. It published in 2013. The article on the work with Deaf and disabled organizations starts on page 30.

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