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Plan a sustainable project with volunteers

Learn how to plan a sustainable project, build organizational capacity, manage volunteers, raise funds, and partner with other organizations.
Two logos are shown: One for the Corporation for National & Community Service, the other for Americorps. Both logos include a partial fragment of the U.S. flag with white stars on a blue background, and red and white stripes.

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Learn how to plan a sustainable project, build organizational capacity, and manage volunteers. This toolkit can also help organizations learn how to develop partnerships with other organizations, and how to raise funds. 

The Corporation of National and Community Service and Americorps wrote this toolkit. Thus, it is for people in the United States working with Americorps programs. As a result, it includes information that might not be helpful in other countries. But most of its advice is helpful in any country. In addition to explaining how to plan a sustainable project, it provides examples.

This PDF file is partly accessible for people using screen reading software, but with difficulty. For example, tables and images do not use alternative text to describe them for people who cannot see.

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