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Resources to help deaf children: For parents, professionals, children

Many publications can help families, community leaders, teachers, and professionals help deaf children around the world. Deaf Child Worldwide.
Logo for the National Deaf Children's Society has an abstract drawing of two children holding hands while running or skipping above and to the left of the organization's name.

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Many resources can help families, community leaders, teachers, and professionals help deaf children. The organization Deaf Child Worldwide has publications on many topics. For example, some teach hearing children how to communicate with deaf friends. Others publications explain how to teach language to deaf children. They also provide books on the sign languages in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. Meanwhile, one publication explains “glue ear” (otitis media). 

Most Deaf Child Worldwide resources for helping deaf children are only in English. But the poster on how to communicate with deaf friends is available in more languages. For example, it is available in Spanish, Bengali, Swahili, and Kannada. Meanwhile, their publications vary in accessibility for people using screen reading software.

Also explore other manuals, projects, and best-practice stories for helping deaf children.

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