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Teacher’s Guide on Deafness and Learning

This article explains for teachers how to enable Deaf students to learn the same content at the same pace as hearing classmates.
Two students are sitting on top of their desks so that they can face each other. They are both looking toward the teacher who stands in between them. One child is moving his hands. A blackboard is on the wall behind the teacher.

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A Teacher’s Guide to Hearing Disabilities and Learning” is for teachers at public schools who may have one or a few Deaf or hard of hearing students. It explains how being Deaf or hard of hearing can affect learning. It also explains how teachers can enable Deaf and hard of hearing students to learn the same content at the same pace as their hearing classmates.

The article links to online resources for learning American Sign Language (ASL). ASL is mostly used in the United States and a few other countries. Teachers in other countries will want to learn the sign language used by the local Deaf community in your country, NOT ASL. You can speak with a local organization of Deaf people in your country to ask about local resources.

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