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Teaching a Deaf Child in a Mainstream School

This manual can help teachers learn about teaching a deaf child in a mainstream school. The author is Deaf and was in mainstream schools.
Two students are sitting on top of their desks so that they can face each other. They are both looking toward the teacher who stands in between them. One child is moving his hands. A blackboard is on the wall behind the teacher.

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Many deaf and hard of hearing children today are taught in the same schools as children who can hear. This manual can help a teacher learn about teaching a deaf child in a mainstream school. The author is a Deaf adult who attended mainstream schools in the United States in the 1980s and 1990s.

The manual explains how to accommodate the needs of a deaf or hard of hearing student in a mainstream classroom. The manual also explains why some deaf or hard of hearing children may have high risk for experiencing abuse. It explains how a teacher can help. This manual is written for teachers in the United States. The process for helping a child who experiences abuse will be different in different countries.

This manual is available in PDF format. It also can be converted to Word format or Text format.

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