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Teaching Israeli Sign Language: Deaf awareness, employment

An Access Israel project is teaching Israeli Sign Language to thousands of people. They believe others can do similar projects at low cost. 
Logo for the organization Access Israel.

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A project by Access Israel  is teaching Israeli Sign Language to thousands of people. As a result, more Israeli deaf people have employment as sign language instructors. Also, more hearing people are aware of Deaf people and how to communicate with them. Meanwhile, many people have finished basic sign language classes. In consequence, more people now want to take advanced-level Israeli Sign Language classes. In response, Access Israel is expanding their project, “Pay it Forward in Sign Language”. A mobile phone app also helps teach more vocabulary in Israeli Sign Language. Access Israel believes that other countries can start similar projects at low cost. 

The web page and PDF file on the project are accessible for people using screen reading software.

Also learn about other projects that raise deaf awareness around the world.

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