This screenshot is taken from a video about a project teaching sign language to Deaf children and families in Vietnam. In this scene, two men are seated on the floor of a home signing with two young children teaching them sign language. Some sparse furniture, home supplies, and storage are pushed against the walls of the home.

Making quality education accessible to children with disabilities (including Teaching sign language in Vietnam)

This article explains the challenges that children with all kinds of disabilities experience worldwide in getting an education or a job. One section of the article explains a project teaching sign language to Deaf children and families in Vietnam. It links to a two-minute video about the project, “Helping Vietnamese Deaf Children Speak in Sign Language“. The article is partly accessible, but with some difficulty for people who use screen reading software. The video has English subtitles, and shows a little Vietnamese Sign Language.

The same article also mentions a 23-page publication that has research and data on children with disabilities and education globally. The publication is entitled Toward a Disability Inclusive Education: Background paper for the Oslo Summit on Education for Development. The publication talks about children with all kinds of disabilities. This includes Deaf children, but does not talk about the unique education needs or challenges of Deaf children or their need for sign language. The publication is mostly accessible with some minor difficulties for people using screen reading software.

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