Three pairs of hands in varying skin tones are next to each other in a circle, all laid flat against a yellow surface.

Educators in Greece developed technology for teaching Greek Sign Language to deaf students in early primary school. The technology uses an avatar–an animated figure–on a computer screen. The avatar signs in Greek sign language. In addition to teaching Greek Sign Language, the signing avatar is programmed to teach content about other topics as well. The design of the avatar is based on research on Greek Sign Language and the best way to teach it to early primary school students. Native signers, Greek Sign Language students, and tutors evaluated the avatar. The article at the link explains how the avatar designers developed and tested the avatar, and how they designed the curriculum that it teaches.

The web page is mostly accessible for people using screen reading software. However, the page has low contrast between the color of the text and the color of the background. This will create accessibility issues for some users with low vision.

Another project similar to this one teaches Pakistan Sign Language to teachers and parents.

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